About Us

Vaishali Raithatha is a professional Story Teller & a Certified & Trained Yoga teacher, originally from India, currently living in the UK.

She is passionate and committed to working with children & adults through the medium of Storytelling to enhance learning and listening skills & to bring a Sunshine Smile on faces through Stories & Yoga.

She has been conducting storytelling sessions & story clubs for children between the ages of 3 years to 13 years & Yoga for kids & adults. She currently works as a teacher & a Storyteller in UK. She loves every opportunity to narrate stories to children & adults in schools, museums, libraries, other events & through her stories & story videos reaching out to children wherever possible. She also shares stories on Talking Stories, East London Radio and UK

Yoga –  Anybody can Breathe, Therefore Any – Body can practice Yoga.

Trained & Certified as a Yoga Teacher in Krishnamacharya tradition of Yoga from Chennai, India, she has been teaching Yoga to children & adults in the UK.

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